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Thanks for an awesome fishing trip. Using what you taught us, we went back and caught the most stripers I’ve ever caught in my life. Then we fished for bass using the jigs you showed us, and I caught the biggest large mouth bass I’ve ever caught in my life. Two personal bests in one trip far exceeded our expectations for this trip, and for you as a fishing guide.

David McCulloch , Albuquerque, New Mexico

LIZY AND TANNER 10-09 002LIZY AND TANNER 10-09 001“Thanks again for a great time. It gave those two some needed fun in their lives. Lizzy has loved fishing for years. Tanner sometimes gets bored easily if nothing is happening but this was the perfect pace for him”.

Thanks, Ron

Hi Mike:

JARED AND HARLEY 9-27-09 006“Thanks so much for the pics, they came out real nice. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and since returning to Ohio (32° for the low last night) haven’t hardly been able to think about anything but what an awesome time Jared & I had fishing with you. Thanks for putting in the extra effort to move around and get the most out of it and being patient with us when we got hung up. I’m going to work on Jared to see if we can’t maybe get something planned for next April. Would like to maybe also include fishing for walleyes for meat to bring back with us to eat. You were an excellent guide and I enjoyed our conversations with one another.”

Take Care,

Hi Mike,

It’s so good to hear again about you ! Time flies so fast that we only just finished to make the movie from our last vacations in US (45 minutes of film) but for the moment we still didn’t organize all the pictures we took !

But it’s nice to take our time to do it because it seems that we are always in vacations !!!!

You will see us again, for sure, because we love so much your country than we will come back of course but when ? nobody knows for the moment and we hope it will be very soon.

Keep in touch.

Sincerely yours,
Solange and Bob – France

Hello Mike,

It was great meeting you, I hope to be able to come back one day and will inform all my friends to contact you if they are ever coming to the area.

kind regards my friend, and thanks again for the beautifull memory my family will always have from this day together.

If you come to France let me know if I can be of any help or even just to meet over here and before I forget : “Your sandwiches were the best we ever had”

kind regards my friend,

Hi Mike,

JERRY REEL 10-14-09 001Yes, we really enjoyed fishing with you last week. You put us on some hot spots. Thank you for the photos too. I sent you a check and note on Friday, so be on the lookout for that. If we come to Lake Powell again I will let you know in advance so we can go fishing again. Take care and stay well.